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On Thursday 15th March, year 9 students joined around 1000 schools across the UK to make the news for the day.


This BBC project helps to engage 11-16 year olds with the news and is supported by ex-teacher and BBC News presenter Huw Edwards: “I’m involved because I want to give young people the chance to make the news themselves and I want to share the principles of good journalism.”


Over the past few months the students in year 9 have been working hard in English lessons, training to be top journalists, carrying out interviews and producing reports.

A small group of students were also lucky enough to work alongside DHS’s BBC mentor for this year, Louise Priest, from BBC Look East and Radio Norfolk to ensure they produced top quality news reports. This included a guided tour of the Look East / Radio Norfolk studios, the chance to watch Louise present the 3pm news live and even to sit in the Look East chair itself!

Miss Johnson, English teacher commented, “The students have worked really hard this year, showing great dedication when researching, reading and editing their final news report I’ve been really impressed with their efforts.”

During the real news day, students had to meet a strict 2pm deadline and produced some fantastic news reports for both television and radio.



Check the links below to view these reports:-


  1. Olympic special – Paralympian Danny Nobbs helps to investigate if it is hard to become a top athlete if you live in Norfolk.
  2. Vocational learning – Students explore DHS’s fantastic new vocational centre and the many opportunities this will open up to students and the local area.
  3. Promoting Literacy – A story in response to recent government concerns of falling literacy standards in school.


  1. Switzerland bus crash – what has happened in this tragedy?
  2. Cyber-bullying – how can this problem be tackled?
  3. Free mugs to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond jubilee – what do residents in Bressingham think to this idea?
Click here to listen to the Radio Bulletin.

Mimi, a student in year 9 said “It has been great fun and I can’t wait to see the final result!”


BBC School Report - Real News Day

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